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Spilling the Beans

She's baaaack. Where have I been? Truth is, I have been full of anxiety. Alot of new things have been going on in my world lately and I will share it all soon enough - but I guess I should start here. Around Easter, we "spilled the beans" to our immediate family & friends that Baby Bock is expected to arrive in October. Mom, Dad, and fur brother Rhett are keeping their fingers (& paws!) crossed for a continued healthy pregnancy, and couldn't be more excited for this long awaited addition to the crew!

While we are overjoyed and beyond grateful to be expecting our little guy's arrival in the fall, we are also well aware that there are many others playing the waiting game, wondering when it will be their turn, like we once were. During our struggle, these types of announcements could sometimes sting a bit (if you know what I'm talking about, you're only human), and I swore that if we ever got to this point, that I'd re-acknowledge our rocky road in an attempt to soften the sting and continue to open up the conversation around these taboo topics.

Just as with many things on social media, through sharing our story, I've come to find that as picture perfect as every announcement may appear at face value, not every journey to parenthood is smooth and linear... and we are living proof of that.

Whether you're struggling with infertility, coping with loss, or experiencing complications, please know, you are not alone

p.s. - a huge thank you to our friends & family who have been so compassionate throughout our journey to get here -- your kind words, frequent check ins, and psuedo therapist moments have meant the world.

p.p.s. - I look forward to sharing some of this next phase and our #pregnancyafterloss journey, but please, always do what is best for you, even if that means hitting mute or unfollow for the time being! Love & light.

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