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Product Review: Tineco iFloor3

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If you’re not interested in reading about a wet/dry vacuum, are you even an adult? I turned the dreaded 3-0 at the end of January, and it was almost as if Amazon knew I needed a birthday pick me up, because they put one of my long awaited wishlist items on lightning deal! I honestly had been waiting for any excuse to splurge and pull the trigger on this item… and this lightning deal was all I needed to make the move. For $50 off, I was next level ecstatic to have finally secured the Tineco iFloor3…and if that doesn’t tell you anything about your 30th birthday, I don’t know what will, LOL.

I know what you younger readers may be thinking… “how lame is this chick”… but just you wait. One day you’re in your early 20s, out on the town ripping shots and 'wobble'ing on the dancefloor 'til the cows come home… and before you even realize it, you’re slowly inching your way towards 30, only to find yourself joyfully adding a crockpot, vacuum, and socks to your Christmas list (not to mention saying things like "'til the cows come home"). Don’t ask me where exactly along the way this transition happens overnight, but it does… and you’ll have a great appreciation for this when you get there (so just go ahead and bookmark this for when *yOu’Re OlD*)

If you, like me, are in the phase of life where practical household products are everything, and you’re sitting there wondering what the Tineco iFloor3 is… your life is about to be changed. It is a dual wet/dry vacuum…that’s right, it vacuums AND mops…at the same, damn, time. Did I mention it is also multi-surface?! Some of you may be familiar with this concept from hearing about the popular Bissell Crosswave. When it comes to comparing the two, I can’t speak firsthand when it comes to performance – but I will say from skimming through a decent amount of reviews myself – many have said that they felt the Tineco’s performance was superior, and a bit more affordable. Unfortunately, lightning deals only last for a limited amount of time, and therefore this product is no longer available at the price I paid… but I will continue to keep an eye out for you all! There are many models of the Tineco, and the iFloor3 is actually on the lower end of the spectrum… so I can only imagine the magic that the higher end Tineco models have up their sleeves. In my personal opinion, the iFloor3 has lived up to the hype so far and I would 100% recommend it to anyone with hard surface floors. But, as promised, I’ve provided my full review below. Let’s dive into the details --

Things I LOVE about the Tineco iFloor3:

  • Dual Vacuum & Mopping Action: Gone are the days of vacuuming before you wash. With the Tineco, say goodbye to two step cleaning and multiple machines. Everyday accidents no longer require the effort they once did. Dog tracks mud, dirt and puddles into the house – no problem. Husband drops an egg on the floor – I’m on it. Nephew squeezes his juicebox a little too hard – no biggie. The Tineco handles it all by itself in one fell swoop, making you feel as if you almost have your life together. Lookout Martha Stewart and Susie Homemaker!

  • Multi-Surface Cleaning: In the Tineco manual, it shares that the machine can be used on all sealed hard floors, including hardwood, tile, laminate, vinyl, marble, linoleum and stone. Our whole first floor is hardwood and tile, and as mentioned before I had always typically vacuumed first, only to then haul out the Swiffer Wet Jet for the tile and the Bona for the hardwoods. To be able to use ONE machine to do it all makes the process easy and effortless! In fact, though it is only recommended for hard surfaces by the manufacturer, upon reading successful rug cleaning reviews from others, I even took the Tineco for a spin over our low pile area rugs. I was amazed at what a wonderful job it did cleaning the rugs, and all that it picked up. I love dogs, but man, they are dirty – and the dirty water tank was full to prove it. As a sidenote, if you have a dog that sheds so much that you are surprised they aren’t bald (*cough* like my dog, Rhett *cough*) – I would definitely still recommend using your heavy duty vacuum on the rugs first before cleaning with the Tineco. But, on the hard surfaces, I was surprised at how well it managed the pet hair!

  • Quick Dry Technology: I loved that I could visibly recognize the area that I had just gone over because it was damp, shiny and clean. At the same time, the areas that you’ve already hit dried quickly, preventing you from feeling as though you had to tip toe over those spots. This was also a big perk when used on area rugs, as they aren’t left noticeably wet, as with most rug cleaners.

  • Separate Clean & Dirty Water Tanks: Mopping was never my thing, because I felt like it defeated the purpose by putting your dirty mop in the water that you’re using to clean. Well, the days of buckets and mops are over (sorry, Cardi), because the Tineco has a two-tank design that keeps your clean and dirty water separate, ensuring that you’re always cleaning with the fresh detergent water! They also provide you with a bottle of the necessary detergent, and each clean tank fill only requires a cap full.

  • Light, Cordless & Self-Propelled: When I say this thing is easy to navigate with, I mean it! It can’t weigh more than 10-15 pounds (when full) and the small size of the vacuum head makes it easy to get under cabinets and furniture. There are no cords to tangle or limit your reach, the handle swivels for ease of steering, and the machine itself is self-propelled, truly requiring little to no effort on your end.

  • Self-Cleaning: One of my favorite features of the Tineco is the self-cleaning charging stand. With the click of a button, the Tineco runs water and cleaning solution through the tube and brush roll, and empties its findings into the dirty water tank. Zero mess or maintenance involved!

  • Low Noise Output: Compared to a typical vacuum, this thing is much quieter. The noise doesn’t really make a big difference for me, but I know our pup, Rhett, who is deathly afraid of vacuums, could appreciate it.

Minor Annoyances with the Tineco iFloor3:

  • Size of Water Tanks: During my first use, I had to stop a handful of times to either empty the dirty water tank or refill the clean water tank. Part of me wishes that these tanks were larger, but then again, that would also make the machine heavier. So, it all depends on your preference, as I believe some other versions of the Tineco may offer larger tanks. The nice thing is, the machine does let you know on its digital display when you need to empty or refill!

  • Charging Time: The first time around, I went slowly to ensure that I was hitting everything and that the machine had ample time to work its magic. This resulted in having to re-charge the vac once before I was able to complete the 25% of the first floor that was left untouched. The second time around, I did not go as slow and was able to tackle the whole first floor on one charge, with the same level of performance. With that said, just know, if you have a larger home or tend to go slowly, you may have to charge at some point mid-job.

  • Constant Spray Mode: This didn’t bother me since I bought it specifically for the dual-purpose action. But in reading others reviews it is a common complaint, so I figured it was worth at least mentioning. The machine is constantly mopping and there is no way to run just the vacuum or just the mop.

  • Pet Hair in Dirty Water Tank: I told you guys that this vac did surprisingly well with Rhett’s tumbleweeds of hair that he so politely leaves around the house. There’s no doubt that it picked up well, butttt the hair does go directly into a tube within the dirty water tank bin. So, it does require you to manually remove the clumps of pet hair when you’re emptying the dirty water tank so that you don’t clog your pipes. As pet owners, I like to think that we’ve seen it all and are generally unfazed by a task like this… but again, figured it was worth mentioning since it is less than ideal.

And, that’s my hot take on the Tineco iFloor3. Stay connected with Kickin’ It Bock for more goodies relative to recipes, home, humor, hosting, shopping, and doing good in the communities around you!

xoxo - Les

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