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DIY Oversized Balustrade Coffee Table

The details of this project have been a long time coming! Our living room is quite long, and I’ve always loved the balustrade look… but anytime I found something remotely close to what I was looking for, it was too small and uber expensive. After experiencing this one too many times, in true millennial fashion, I took to Pinterest looking for solutions…and I was completely inspired by Megan, of "It’s A Grandville Life", and her DIY Restoration Hardware dupe! After seeing her gorgeous end result and reading through her process (Thanks, Megan!), I decided to stick my beer money to my champagne taste, and give it a whirl myself, changing up measurements to suit our specific needs. This DIY Oversized Balustrade Coffee Table was my first “woodworking” project and I will admit that I was pleasantly surprised with the final outcome. If you follow the plan and customize measurements to your needs, this project only takes a few weeks and is a great intro to building. If you ask my husband, he would say that I took over the garage for more than “a few weeks”… so if we’re getting technical here, it took me exactly 7 weeks from piles of wood to finished product… and that was mainly working on it during the weekends. So, what took me weeks, could take someone more dedicated just days. I finished right before the holiday season (lol, told you this post was a long time coming) and this oversized coffee table was the perfect addition to our living room for hosting!

To start, let’s all laugh at my very novice first stab at “project plans”. This is all translated from chicken scratch to the English language, below… so, let’s get to it!

Our table was 60 in L x 42 in W x 20 in H.

My Buying List:

Tools Used:

  • Kreg Jig

  • Orbital Sander

  • Drill

  • Clamps

  • Miter Saw

  • Measuring Tape

  • Speed Square

  • Pencil

  • Horses

  • Weights & Paint Cans(LOL, you’ll see where these came into play – I told you it’s amateur hour over here!)

  • Paint Brush

  • Paint Roller

  • Staining Rags

Step 1 - Bottom Deck:

We started this project by first cutting and assembling the bottom deck of the coffee table. This involved cutting the 1x6s into ten 42 inch boards, and then drilling 5 pocket holes in each board using the kreg jig. For the holes, we utilized clamps to hold the board down, as well as the kreg jig, and drilled 3/4” pocket holes.

Once we had all ten boards cut and nine of them jigged, we laid them on a raised surface ensuring that all edges were aligned and square, and the jigged side was against the next consecutive board. We then joined the boards together by using 1 ¼” pocket hole screws. We also found it beneficial to use a light coating of wood glue on the edges just before screwing together. Once all 10 boards were glued and screwed together, the bottom deck of the table was complete.

Step 2 - Bottom Supports & Feet:

Step 3 - Legs:

Step 4 - Top Supports:

Step 5 - Tabletop:

Step 6 - Paint/Stain:

Our table (though still in two pieces) was finally ready to move upstairs to it’s new home! We hauled the two pieces into our living room, and at last, attached the tabletop to the top supports by using 2” wood screws. We drilled from underneath the top supports up into the tabletop… creating ONE FINISHED PRODUCT! Here she is!

I wish I was better at keeping receipts to give you an exact price on the total cost of this piece… but considering the wood, wood pillars, screws, conditioner, stain, paint, and polyurethane, we know that we kept this project under $400 at most. So what do you think?? It’s definitely not Pottery Barn or Restoration Hardware, but I’d say its pretty darn close for a fraction of the price, AND customizable size wise to your needs! If I missed any details in this summary or if you have any questions, please feel free to comment and I will do my best to respond as soon as possible! If you do end up giving this DIY balustrade coffee table a whirl, I’d love to see your own take on this project 😊 You can do it!

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