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31 Things About Me

Last weekend, I turned ThIrTy-OnE and celebrating looked a lot different this year – but in the best way! Not to mention, a few weeks ago marked a full 365 days since starting this blog AND my first days back to work as a realtor. As I look to continue creating more connections with all of you and welcome those that are new here, I thought it would be a great time to take a moment to reintroduce myself. So as an ode to my birthday, blogaversary, AND realtor reboot – here are 31 things about me that you may not have known previously! From the fundamental introductory facts to how I’m basically related to Megan Fox, I hope these shed some light on me, my background, sense of humor and hobbies – as a blogger, realtor, new mom and more!

  • #1 - I am married to my husband of 3 years – though we had mutual friends, we actually connected on a dating app (?!) almost 8 years ago now. I guess you could say we swiped right and the rest was history, LOL.

  • #2 - I became a new mom this past fall to a sweet baby boy, and he is everything I’d ever hoped! For those of you that are new here, our path to parenthood wasn’t exactly linear. We suffered recurrent pregnancy loss before welcoming our long-awaited son into the world. As a result, sharing our story and advocating for the infertility/pregnancy loss community is what actually pushed me to start blogging, and is something that I will always be passionate about.

  • #3 - I am Pittsburgh born and raised – I grew up in the AK Valley, went to college downtown, returned to the AK Valley upon graduating and have since moved to the North Hills area within the past few years. #yinzerproud #IYKYK

  • #4 - I am an only child – I’ve always felt that being an only has many pros and cons. For example, pro – you get all of the attention, con – you get all of the attention, haha. But, like many onlys, it’s also left me wanting a large family for myself. As we now know, things don’t always go quite as planned, but if it were solely up to me, our little guy would have a sibling or two! For giggles, here’s a pic that I’ve posted on #nationalsiblings day in the past… of myself and my dolls back in the day.

  • #5 - I am undoubtedly an Enneagram 3, and it’s a total love/hate relationship. I take great pride in my strong work ethic, self-motivation, productivity and resourcefulness … but that dedication can also be to my own detriment at times. In the past year, I’ve put a lot of effort into breaking myself of intrinsic perfectionism and the habit of aligning my self-worth to achievements (shoutout Brene Brown and ‘The Gifts of Imperfection’). It’s a constant work in progress!

  • #6 - I graduated from Duquesne University with a double major in Marketing and Information Systems Management – it was a unique yet complimentary combination that leveraged both my creative and critical thinking skillsets. While I have utilized learnings from both arenas almost every day, I ended up working directly in neither.

  • #7 - I spent nearly 10 years working in the recruitment marketing, campus recruitment, talent acquisition and HR spaces for a few different organizations in the Pittsburgh area.

  • #8 - In Q4 2021, I made the tough decision to leave my role in corporate HR due to burnout and lack of work/life balance, with a strong desire to reprioritize my life following our losses. I was determined to demonstrate the same level of dedication that I have always put into work, into myself, my wellbeing and my own personal goals. I took a few months to seriously reflect and do some soul searching before gaining clarity into what I wanted out of my next career path.

  • #9 - After casually considering it for a number of years, I decided to pursue my real estate license in February of 2022! My reasoning was threefold – it would allow me to flex my entrepreneurial mentality, as well as leverage my marketing and client service skillsets, all while allowing for the work life balance that I longed for. I completed the necessary coursework and passed my national and state exams in April!

  • #10 - Now, I’m a Realtor! Over the summer, I signed on with Howard Hanna and received my license to practice from the state of PA. I completed Howard Hanna’s Fast Start training program and I am a proud member of both RAMP (Realtors Association of Metropolitan Pittsburgh) and NAR (National Association of Realtors). I will admit that in the three months that I was licensed before our son made his debut, I spent most of my time learning and soaking up as much as I could during my time at the office. But now that he is here and we’ve had time to get acclimated (for the most part? Are you ever really fully acclimated during the first year, haha? I feel like he is changing at the speed of light, and just when you start to figure something out, a tooth pops up, a sleep regression hits, or an illness ensues!), the pause is over. I am back to work, ready to roll, and actively taking on more clients!

  • #11 - I have loved design and home décor since I was a kid – Trading Spaces and Knock First were my jam, and in my 6th grade memory book I wrote that I wanted to be an interior designer!

  • #12 - I have a 6-year-old Golden Retriever and Alaskan Malamute mix, named Rhett. I had wanted a dog my whole life, but my parents in fact, did not. So naturally one of the first things I did when I moved out was get a dog! When my husband (then boyfriend at the time) and I found a litter of golden mix puppies listed on Craigslist, we said we were just going to look … but we all know how that goes! 😊 Needless to say, our Rhett has been the best Craigslist find ever!

  • #13 - I founded a girls youth basketball program for grades 2-6 in my hometown several years ago, when the high school team found themselves having a hard time putting together a roster. The program served its purpose in successfully serving as a feeder to the jr high and high school teams (who no longer have numbers issues), and officially disbanded last year. I adored coaching, working with the kids and giving back to a community who gave so much to me!

  • #14 - I am a SUCKER for trash TV… and not embarrassed to admit that I find myself still watching Jersey Shore, the Kardashians, and basically every ridiculous dating show known to man (i.e. the Bachelor/Bachelorette series, Love is Blind, etc.). I plead that mindless TV is good for the soul!

  • #15 - Aside from these reality TV favorites, I am also a dedicated follower of dramas like Law & Order SVU/Organized Crime, Million Little Things, The Rookie, The Handmaids Tale and Virgin River, along with comedies such as Abbott Elementary & Workin’ Moms. My favorite TV series of all time is Parenthood – I sobbed like an absolute baby when it was over. I’m currently bingeing Madam Secretary (drama) on Netflix and thoroughly enjoying it!

  • #16 - I have been a picky eater forever – the following statement is often mind blowing to people… but I didn’t try a hamburger/cheeseburger until I was in the 11th grade AND I didn’t try salad until I was a sophomore in college, LOL.

  • #17 - Though my appetite for variety when it came to food was sparse, growing up, I dabbled in many different activities over the years – basketball, soccer, art classes, the drums, track, volleyball…and probably more that I’m forgetting!

  • #18 - I am lucky enough to say that I’ve had the same group of best friends since grade school! As an only, these girls are my sisters, and I truly don’t know what I’d do without them.

  • #19 - Back in my prime, I completed a sprint triathlon the summer after I graduated college. I trained for a whopping 2 weeks and my mom was convinced I wasn’t going to make it, haha. The course involved swimming in the Allegheny, biking up 279, and running the riverfront trail on the north shore. It was surely the most physically grueling thing that I’ve ever put myself through – but I finished… jello legs, flat tire and all! *I’ll save that full story for another day!

  • #20 - I started a gift-wrapping holiday hustle a couple of years ago! I adore the holiday season, but know first-hand that there is always SO much to do in just a few short weeks. I saw the need, ran with it, and before I knew it Wrapped was born! So from Thanksgiving to Christmas, you can find me taking the wheel on my client’s gift wrapping needs either in their home or mine (…and often with a Hallmark movie in the background – YES, I know they all have the same story line – judge me!). Starting this seasonal gig introduced me to the incredible and supportive small business community, and I absolutely love being a part of it! Give us a follow on the ‘gram @wrappedpgh

  • #21 - I’ve only broken one bone my entire life (*knocks on wood*) – in elementary school, I had a head on collision with a friend while riding bikes and I ended up in a sling with a broken collar bone!

  • #22 - In my opinion, when it comes to fast food, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell are delicacies…this is not up for debate.

  • #23 - When it comes to music, I have a major identity crisis going on – I am a big fan of rap and hip hop, but also love country!

  • #24 - Speaking of country, my friends and I spent most summertime Saturday’s at Star Lake for the ‘big country mega ticket’ in our early 20s. We would organize fun bus trips and those are still some of my favorite memories pre-30! To this crew, myself and a friend that helped to coordinate the trips were lovingly coined the ‘Planners with Manners’

  • #25 - Following up on those planning skills, shortly after my own wedding, I started a day of coordinator side-hustle! Only a few months into coordinating, the pandemic began. As we all know, COVID impacted the wedding/events industry significantly, so while this hustle was short lived, I did manage to pull off a handful of weddings in 2020. I still greatly enjoy coordinating a good party/event on a personal level, but professionally, I’ve hung up that hat.

  • #26 - I LOVE a good DIY project! Most recently, I built a balustrade coffee table for our living room, renovated a closet, and overhauled our office into our baby boy’s sweet board and batten nursery (all featured on @kickinitbock)! Free time is limited these days as a new working mom, but I can’t wait until I can dive into my next project.

  • #27 - I have clubbed thumbs, LOL. As a result, it has always made bowling pretty interesting, press-on nails have never been an option, and auto-correct via text is a life saver. They are hereditary (my mom and grandpap both had them!) and they were one of the first things we looked for when my son was born, haha. As far as we can tell, he is in the clear. I would be lying if I said they weren’t the butt of many jokes growing up (kids, man!), but luckily I have always been able to laugh at myself and embrace them for their uniqueness. Everyone thinks they are weird…that is, until they find out Megan Fox has them too! (Meg, girl, are we related?!)

  • #28 - If I’m addicted to anything, its Diet Coke. A cold DC just hits the spot every time!

  • #29 - I am of majority Polish and Slovak descent – I took a stab at making homemade pierogis for the first time last year for Christmas Eve, and while they are a labor of love, they actually turned out pretty good!

  • #30 - I am obsessed with March Madness. My love affair with the big dance began years ago when a bracket I had thrown together had a PERFECT first day. I ended up winning the pool… but its safe to say, that hasn’t happened again since. I have been able to catch first round games when they are in Pittsburgh though!

  • #31 - I enjoy reading but seemingly never have time anymore – I might just have to make the move to audiobooks… but I can’t seem to focus as well without the pages in front of me! The latest download to my Kindle is Spare by Prince Harry. Bonus fun fact – keeping up with all things related to the crown is also a guilty pleasure!

If you've made it this far, you are dedicated, my friend! :) Thanks for hanging in there -- coming up with 31 facts was a daunting task! Which number(s) surprised you? Which number(s) did you relate to most? Let's hear it in the comments!

Here's to kicking off my 31st trip around the sun with big hopes for navigating motherhood, growing my business and finding more time to blog/share/connect with you all along the way! To be continued... :)

xo - Les

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Feb 05, 2023

Happy 31!!! I didn’t realize and/or forgot you got a flat in your tri. Congrats on a finish! I also relate to #18, love ya.


Feb 05, 2023

I related most to #18, the one about your childhood friends. You included pictures. I recognized faces from your anatomy class!

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